Monday, June 28, 2010

Dying by Seeing

Okay, Mr Saramago, so you had to die a week after I finished your book, Seeing. This is the first Saramago I've read and it's a good (not fantastic, good) book. The latter part was fine especially as Jose Saramago learnt towards genre-bending. However, this could be because by then I was getting used to the lack of punctuation and formatting structures (maybe, it looked good on paper but those ultra-long paragraphs and absence of quotation marks stood in the way of the story, hear?, no, you can't again). The last few lines were, however, great and for once I almost clapped.

This is most likely not Saramago's best work (it isn't, I've heard) but it didn't lift off until the middle of the book. If this was from a lesser known writer, it wouldn't get so much attention. So, I'll give Seeing 3/5 but then Mr Saramago waited till I finished the book, so I can make that 3.5/5 and lets hope that will gladden his heart. Thanks very much and good bye, Jose.

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